About Us

image014Orbit Card Services specialize in providing personalized support and excellent technical services in order to guarantee customer satisfaction. We implore you to avail our competitively prices services now and get your merchant account linked with the most well-reputed acquiring banks from all over the world, including EU, US, and Asia (HK). The exact focus of our services is on provisioning customers with reliable and dependable services that will ensure the safety and security of all online transactions. In a time where internet scamming and frauds are frequent and difficult to avoid, we at Orbit Card Services distinguish ourselves by guaranteeing the safety of sensitive information.

We benefit online merchants worldwide with our economical payment solutions that are designed to set your business on the path towards self-sustenance.

As we expand the scope of our operations and develop lasting partnerships with acquiring banks, our live and batch processing services are in great demand because of their technical robustness, anti-fraud guarantees, and optimized Virtual Terminal processing. We offer our services in keeping with PCI Compliance and the highest standards of internet security the modern age can offer. Our commitment to the satisfaction of our customers makes it our topmost responsibility and priority to associate direct merchant accounts with renowned acquiring banks.

As of today, internet merchants from all over the world belonging to different industries and selling a variety of products and services look towards Orbit Card Services so they can benefit from our everlasting commitment to our customers. Internet merchants today engage in the selling of countless goods, whether they are standard ecommerce goods or high risk goods, and trade them from all over the world. Our well developed, well connected, and expansive customer network along with our relationships with the major acquiring banks worldwide, coupled with an excellent customer service that endeavours to respond to all your needs, combines to perfect our offer for a business relationship with you.
We look forward to helping you obtain the perfect, most well suited, and appropriate merchant setup for your business.

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