High Risk Business Categories for Merchant Accounts

You may not notice it, but it is highly likely that you have worked with a company that is considered to be a high risk business. It is not uncommon for people to hear those words “high risk companies” and then assume that it means something shady. In reality, there are some businesses that trade goods and services that tend to have difficulties with getting assistance due to this risk.

High Risk Business Does Not Mean Bad Business

Businesses have a goal of making their business operations flow properly. Businesses need liquidity to get this done. The risk exposure is greatly reduce using Orbit services because they have certified payment processing capabilities built in.  Certifying the funds is a great way to lower risk.

When is your business considered as high risk?

High Risk Merchants are product sellers or service providers with businesses that have a high turnover with large volumes of sales (high volume merchants) and tend to have an increased risk of fraud. There are many special business categories which are automatically marked as high-risk.

If a business is considered a high risk, it is never possible to obtain a standard eCommerce merchant account. Under such a condition the best course of action is to apply for a high risk merchant account with international service providers such as Orbit Card Services.

Merchants who run high risk business have a hard time getting any kind of credit card processing services. We understand that very few online merchant account providers are willing to take the risk to support some businesses, however our team of specialists, a network of acquiring banks and years of experience with an advanced in-house fraud prevention system allows us to accept almost any business.

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High Risk Accounts are typically required by businesses such as:

Online casinos and other gaming/ gambling agencies including sports wagering.
Adult services and products.
Pharmaceutical products.
Travel services.
Telemarketing businesses.
E-wallet and E-cash.
ISP and hosting services.
Online cigarette or tobacco vending.
Online auctions and debt services / credit brokerage.
Online dating services.
Online sale of replica products.

Additional Categories Requiring High Risk Merchant Account:

Prize competitions and house raffles.
Amusement/recreation services.
Automobile rental.
Used automobile sales.
Coin shops.
Computer stores.
Shopping clubs.
Sale of telecommunications equipment.
Cell phones and beepers.
Gun dealers.
Online custom jewelry sale.
Water purifiers.
Check cashing services.
Collection agencies.
Custom products.
Detective services.
Downloading of software.
Escort services.
Massage parlors.
Hair restoration services.
Weight loss centers.
Home-operated business.
Mortgage services.
Pawn Shops.
Horoscope/fortune telling services.
Insurance Products.
Meat provisions/freezer/lockers.
Multi-level marketing.
Educational seminars.
Time share sales.
Digital Products
Nutrition (Nurta)
Gambling, Casino, Betting, Other Gaming
Cannabis Seeds
Legal Highs
PC Support
PC Technical Support
PPI Claims Management
Debt Management
Loan Brokers

High Risk Business Accounts Are Manageable

There have been high risk business account pretty much since business started in the first place. The goal of a merchant dealing with a high risk account situation is to do everything possible to mitigate that risk. Having the right card service helps with that.