Internet Complete Merchant Services

With over ten years of experience in the e-commerce industry we have been able to generate a vast network of acquiring bank relations. We offer customers the complete merchant services with an e-commerce account; we set you up with an acquiring bank, and integrate a PCI compliant online payment gateway with your online presence.

Complete Merchant Services!

Complete merchant services are involved with verified multi currency processing and should be a part of your fraud risk management policy.

We all know it takes money to make money. So, let Orbit assist you in doing just that. There are banks who seem to offer you an internet merchant account, and then quickly back out because your company may be too high risk. This only compounds the problem for businesses while searching for the right location to do business with.

If you operate an international business, then mediocre account services online will not do. What happens when this low-quality service fails to make the transactions you need? Failure to pay or receive payment can be one of the worst case scenarios in international business exchange. Therefore, you need to have the best, elite merchant services possible for your secure piece of mind.

Some of the features included in the Orbit Card Services are listed below:
• Your own merchant account
• Respected, trusted, and stable EU / HK banks
• The ability to choose your own billing descriptor
• Payment Gateway flexibility with PCI-DSS compliance and 24/7 support
• Multi-Currency processing, see vast list of accepted currencies.
• New businesses accepted
• International businesses accepted
• Cards worldwide are accepted
• Accounts Available to Individuals / Sole Traders
• Specialized for UK, EU and Worldwide merchants
• Competitive rates
• High Risk accepted, see rate adjustments for high risk merchants
• Dedicated &Fast technical support

Mainstream E-Commerce Merchant Account (Low-Risk):
All mainstream e-commerce businesses who sell their products or services online will use the standard e-commerce merchant account. By having your own merchant account, you won’t have to worry about the pending payments not being paid out as in 3rd party merchant accounts. You will be provided a reputable acquiring bank in the accepted county that your business is incorporated in for rates starting as low as 1.5%!

High Risk Merchant Account:
Unfortunately, some types of online business tend to have higher likelihood of fraud than others. Fortunately, though, even if your business is considered “high risk,” we can still provide you with our services for rates starting as low as 1.95%! [ High Risk Merchant Categories ]

MOTO Merchant Account:
MOTO refers to Mail-Order/Telephone-Order. It enables you to take orders by phone or mail and we can provide you with a MOTO account with a Virtual Terminal [ What is a Virtual Terminal? ]

Orbit offers complete merchant services for you.

So start today and fill out the application: [ APPLY FOR AN INTERNET MERCHANT ACCOUNT ]