Merchant Account Application Procedure and Requirements

Thank you for taking a look at your merchant account application procedure and requirements options. There is no need for you to be without the knowledge of what it takes to set this up.  The merchant account requirements are simple to meet, and the merchant application form is simple to fill out.

Merchant Account Application Procedure and Requirements

The merchant account application will take a few moments of your time for many years of security. This site is structured to keep your data private. This merchant application form is a good first step to taking care of some of the difficulties with dealing with currency issues.

All direct merchant accounts for acquiring banks based in EU, US, and HK must adhere to the required documentation and timeline below.

Setup Timeframe: 1-2 Weeks


Required Documentation:

After pre-approval following documents scans will be requested via email::

Incorporation Documents (If Company)
Current Business Bank Statement (Personal Statement accepted if New Business)
Copy of Passport
Proof of Business Address (Utility Bill)
Any applicable licenses (For Gaming, Financial, Forex)
6 Months History of Transactions (If Any)
Domain/URL Proof (Screenshot Required)

Optional Documents:
Business Plan
Business Financials
Proof that you own the domain

Website Compliance:
As per regulation of compliance set by Visa/MC all websites used by merchants must contain:

Pricing and information of goods and services sold
Contact information
Terms & Conditions
Refund Policy
Privacy Policy

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See our fraud risk management policy, if you need peace of mind.