Referring Merchants
As a leading international payment solutions provider that specializes in multi-currency processing for all types of card-not-present electronic transactions and offers superior and secure processing products and services worldwide, Orbit Card Services is always open to sales organizations who are interested in selling those products and services.

As a Orbit Card Services Partner, you will not only reap tremendous benefit from our rich array of high-end, technologically advanced offerings but you will also garner a generous share of resulting revenues.

To help you refer merchants to Orbit Card Services we provide you with an unique partner ID which is linked directly to your partner account.

Any merchant applications which you wish to refer must be submitted via email to in order to be considered and credited against your partner account.

To become a Partner, please contact our Partners team via email:

Referal Application Process
When an application is received by you with an unique partner ID, an email is sent to your nominated email address advising you that the application has been received.

If the merchant has to pay a Set Up fee we will inform you of the payment request and when they have payed. Our acceptance team will also email you if we require any additional information to make a decision on an account.

It is the partner’s responsibility to obtain any required information from the merchant.
The process of the merchant applications received from the partner are as follows:

• LEADS – New applications that have not yet been progressed
• PROSPECTS – Applications which are currently in progress
• CUSTOMERS – Applications on which a decision has been made (Approved and Declined)

Merchant Integration
Once a merchant’s application has been approved, their account will be set up and activated.
We will then notify you by email of the merchant’s approval and provide the necessary information for their integration. If your require additional help with integration, please send your queries to

Once an account is live, it is the partner’s responsibility to ensure that the merchant starts processing and continues trading.

Partner Reporting System
To help you manage your merchants we provide you weekly report via email to your nominated email address where you can view the transaction performance on the merchant’s account and see how they are performing against their forecast turnover.

Payment Of Commission
Commissions are paid directly into your nominated bank once a month. In order to facilitate this, we require you to email a copy of a bank statement or voided cheque for the account to . If the account is a non UK account, we will also require you to complete a Wire Instructions form.

The portion of compensation paid to the Partner on any rebates will be calculated on the value of transactions less all adjustments for unpaid fees, chargebacks, credits, voided transactions and any fines resulting from such transactions.

All Partner Rebates payable shall be paid on the 1st Monthly for transactions of the previous month.