Payment Gateway Integration Services

All merchant account services provided by Orbit Card Services are offered in conjunction with an online payment processing gateway (or “payment gateway integration services“).

The best payment integration gateway policies follow IPSP guidelines to make sure that you have ewallet solutions that care care of your high risk business.

Your confidence in us is well-placed because our merchant solutions offer you our past years of excellent services, our experience of handling millions of transactions daily, and the well-developed infrastructure of our services which is supported by western and European Union infrastructure.

Types Of Payment Gateway Integration Services

After having registered your merchant account with our merchant account services, overall process will reach completion after your account is directly integrated with our system. Before the actual account is set up and fully operational, a set of checks and test running will precede it in order to make sure the account is running smoothly.

A complete merchant service for foreign currency payments is required for safe transactions. International businesses suffer untold ‘loss’ by not implementing a fraud risk management policy early on.

It is our humble guarantee that you will be assisted by our Tech Support Office which will guide you through every step of the way. There are a variety of different connection methods, these are listed as follows:

Direct Integration (Server2Server API):
Direct Integration is a form of connection that directs customers to the webpage where they key in their credit card information. Information is then transferred and tunneled through a payment gateway via a series of concealed background processes.

In order to ensure the security of sensitive credit card details, you must equip your website with an SSL certificate that monitors the security of all information.

If the amount of daily transactions of your online business is high, you must also make sure that you comply with PCI directives.

Hosted Payment Form:
In this type of connection, the online form where credit card information is to be put in is situated on the servers of the payment gateway provider.

You may not be able to set up your own webpage for this, however, you may still adjust some technical parameters of the website to suit your needs and reflect your style. The customer will only provide their billing address and details on your website and they will then be redirected to a secure server provided by the payment gateway provider.

Here, the actual credit card details will be put in. Since credit card information is not processed on your own webpage, it is not necessary that you hold an SSL certificate or be PCI compliant.
Virtual Terminal (VPOS):
In comparison to all other types of connections, this connection is relatively simpler and easier to handle. All that is required is that the customer provides their credit card details to you through an online form.

You will then access a Virtual Terminal, which you can do so from any location with internet connection, and key in the credit card details of your customer yourself. We include Virtual Terminal software in our offers and it is entirely free of charge.

Finding banks that have the ability to exchange currency is difficult. A virtual POS terminal provides premium services to solve the ‘cash on hand’ exchange dilemma.

Just like having a document notarized to secure it, Orbit card services verifies the exchanges.

These payment gateway integration services are there for you to use for the best of your business.

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