Pharmacy Merchant Account Payment Gateway

A secure pharmacy merchant account payment gateway is required for international sale of pharmaceuticals. Every country has its own regulations on medications, types and doses, and having an online pharmacy business requires keeping detailed, yet private, records.

A Deeper Look Into Pharmacy Merchant Account Payment Gateway Solutions

Pharma merchants are considered as a special category with worldwide acquiring banks thus having many restrictions and additional terms to comply with. We can provide full merchant services for your online pharmacy, call center or website selling nutraceuticals.

With a broad network of acquiring banks in EU, including offshore jurisdictions for special pharma merchant cases, we will provide a direct merchant account with your own MID/billing descriptor with no volume limitations, and with all our standard services (gateway, anti-fraud, virtual terminal…).

Solution 1: Offshore Pharmacy Merchant Account
Our main and most popular pharma processing solution, for all kinds of online pharma as long as it’s legal and has at least 6 months processing history.
Account activated in 72 hours
Aggregated account for first 90 days
Direct MID available after 90 days
Rate: 7.50% – 8.50%
Transaction fee: 0.40 USD
Visa only + all Visa co-branded debit cards
E-Commerce only

Required Documents:
1. Short application form
2. KYC documetns (company, passport, utility bill)
3. 6 months processing statements

Solution 2: Direct EU Pharma Merchant Account
Only brick-and-mortar established pharmacy businesses with full EU licensing.
We can accept any of the following types of pharma businesses:
Pharmaceuticals Controlled
Pharmaceuticals Non-Controlled

Special requirements and guidelines:
The following guidelines are intended to minimize the risk related to pharmacy merchants. To consider a pharmacy merchant Orbit Card Services has the following conditions:

1. Merchant only sells non-controlled substances.

Merchants should also avoid products which are intended for use under specialist supervision and avoid products which require special storage conditions.

2. Prescription is mandatory for prescription required drugs.

Prescription required drug products (RX) are listed in the Orange Book of the FDA website ( However, please note that each country has different rules and regulation regarding prescription drugs.
Pharmacy merchants must clearly advise their clients that purchasing regular prescription medication over the internet is only advisable after consulting a physician.

3. Pharmacy merchants must supply their customers with information regarding the drugs they sell.
4. Orbit Card Services only offers VISA acquiring for pharmacy merchants.
5. Pharmacy Merchants should only offer products which have been approved for use by the relevant authorities in both the supplier’s country and the customer’s country. This rule also applies for generics.

Required documentation:

1. Pharmacy license of fulfillment centers
2. Contracts between the pharmacy merchant and the fulfillment center.
3. Doctors license (if medical evaluation only done online)

Websites offering online consultation services of physicians must be able to produce a copy of the doctor´s license to practice in the territory they are prescribing to. This is to ensure that a licensed doctor is prescribing drugs based on the online questionnaire

4. Contracts between the pharmacy and prescribing doctor (if medical evaluation only done online)

This, along with the doctor‘s license is to ensure that a licensed doctor is working with the merchant when prescribing drugs based on an online questionaire.

5. List of name of generic drugs and their producers.
6. List of countries they ship to and how they comply with the law of those countries.

Pharmacy merchant may not set up their terms and conditions in a way that responsibility for importing the substance into the cardholder‘s market is the cardholder‘s responsibility. It is the merchants obligation to be compliant to the local laws when shipping the product to the cardholder‘s country.

An example of an offshore high risk merchant account is an offshore pharmacy. Due to jurisdiction entanglements, there are battles over correct medication dosage and malpractice claims.  The most secure companies have easy methods of secure foreign currency transactions to help deal with these events when they arise.  (Other high risk, legal companies include: online gambling casinos and adult entertainment.)

Opening an off shore pharmacy account is very important to to get individuals the medication they require. That is important to us, too. We understand that payment issues with foreign currencies can hurt your business is not properly dealt with.

Orbit’s pharmacy merchant account payment gateway is safe, secure and reliable with verified transactions.

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