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Are you searching for the best online payment solution for your business?

Orbit Card Services provides an online credit card payment gateway and worldwide internet merchant account services, allowing you to accept all major credit cards, with built-in latest advanced fraud prevention systems, against fully competitive rates.

Integrate through Orbit Card Services online payment gateway, apply for an ecommerce merchant account or high risk merchant account, process sales by phone through our Virtual Terminal, order advanced anti-fraud screening and much more...

Whether small business or Large corporation we have the lowest fees available, from merchants with MOTO based sales and merchants in high-risk industries, we strive to provide your business with a reliable and secure payment solution by providing you the most trustworthy, respected, and economically competitive acquirer.

No up-front charges! Get pre-approved within 48-hours!

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Monthly Turnover*


  • E-commerce Merchant Account
  • Direct Account in EU / UK / US / HK
  • International Businesses Accepted
  • Rates from 2.50%
  • Payment Gateway
  • Recurring Billing
  • Dynamic Descriptor
  • Over 140 Currencies Supported
  • API Integration
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  • International Merchant Account
  • Direct & 3rd Party Accounts
  • US, EU, HK Acquiring Banks
  • Offshore Merchant Account
  • All Industries Accepted
  • Low Risk & High Risk Accepted
  • Multi-Currency
  • Recurring Billing
  • API Integration
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Phone Sales

  • MOTO Credit Card Processing
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Orders over phone, mail, fax
  • Direct UK/EU Merchant Account
  • Rates from 1.95%
  • No Transaction Limits
  • Multi-Currency
  • Pre-Auth, Batch Processing
  • CVV, AVS
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High Risk/Volume

  • High Risk Merchant Account
  • US/UK/EU Merchant Account
  • Rates from 3%
  • Payment Gateway
  • 3rd Party Account From 4.50%
  • Adult, Escort, Dating, Digital
  • Pharmacy & Nutraceuticals
  • Casino,Gambling, Sportsbooks
  • API Integration
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Start accepting credit cards on your website and enjoy greater sales than those who do not

Accepting multiple payment options encourages buying, stimulates impulse purchases, and helps grow your business. Non-cash purchase payments are an important option for both traditional and Internet businesses. Accepting Visa/MC is essential for any online business today!