How to Setup Credit Card Processing Online

When starting an online ecommerce business, it is important to learn how to setup credit card processing to make it easy for customers to pay you in a reliable fashion. If your business is considered to be high risk, you’ll have a much harder time getting the mission accomplished.  That is where Orbit card services comes in to save the day.

How to Setup Credit Card Processing Facts

To make your website a success, the number one rule is that it has to be user friendly. If it is complicated or hard to navigate, customers will take their business elsewhere. One of the areas of the site that is absolutely critical is the way you accept payments.

Ninety eight percent of online shoppers prefer to pay by credit card, so you need to be set up to accept credit card payments if you hope to do any business at all on the internet.

To have a safe dependable credit card transaction method that your customers will trust, you need to set up an account with an ecommerce merchant provider who offers online credit card processing services. It is important that you use a reliable company that both you and your customers can trust because of the highly sensitive data that is being transmitted with every purchase transaction.

When online credit card processing is set up correctly on your site, it will make the customer’s purchasing experience safe, fast and reliable.

This will make them want to come back and do business with your site again. To set up your site, you need an account with a merchant and a shopping cart script tat will be added to your site.

The account can be set up with a merchant bank or with a merchant account provider. Unless you have an established brick and mortar business with a credit card processing history, you will find it difficult to get an online processing account set up directly from the bank because they will consider you too much of a risk.

Get Cards Online

The easier option for an online business owner is to get an account through a merchant account provider. They will save you the headache and hassle by doing the hard work for you. In fact the application will take you only a few minutes to complete. And you should have an approval for your application within 24 hours if all the information you have provided is complete and accurate.

The merchant account provider already has established relationships with banks around the world and an established credit history in the international banking marketplace. This makes it easy for them to get approval for your business on their track record.

Besides making the approval process for your business much faster and easier, the right merchant account provider will offer you free or affordable setup and free support throughout the process.

To begin with, they can help you decide what type of account you should use depending on the type of business you are operating. After you fill out some basic information, you will be contacted by a credit card processing specialist who will guide you through the rest of the process.
The consultants are also always available down the road should you need assistance. This service is critical to the smooth operation of your business and is something you should consider when selecting a merchant account provider.

Of course, you should also consider the credit card processing rates, the monthly fees and other costs, if any. This way you can be sure that you have selected the best payment service provider for your business’ needs.

Now, you know how to setup credit card processing online. As an informed consumer, take advantage of Orbit’s services for the best of your business.